ROM:0000 ;
ROM:0000 ; +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+
ROM:0000 ;      This file is generated by The Interactive Disassembler (IDA)        
ROM:0000 ;      Copyright (c) 2006 by DataRescue sa/nv, <>        
ROM:0000 ;  Licensed to: Paul Ashton - Blue Lane Technologies (1-user Advanced 03/2006) 
ROM:0000 ; +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+
ROM:0000 ;
ROM:0000 ; Input MD5   : F572727C1CE16DE88BBBFDECEE2F0004
ROM:0000 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:0000 ; Format      : Binary file
ROM:0000 ; Base Address: 0000h Range: 0000h - 2000h Loaded length: 2000h
ROM:0000 ; Processor       : z80 []
ROM:0000 ; Target assembler: Zilog Macro Assembler
ROM:0000 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:0000 ; Segment type: Pure code
ROM:0000                 segment ROM
ROM:0000                 di
ROM:0001                 jr      loc_8
ROM:0003 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:0003 loc_3:                                  ; CODE XREF: ROM:0016j
ROM:0003                 out     (77h), a
ROM:0005                 jp      loc_11CB
ROM:0008 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:0008 loc_8:                                  ; CODE XREF: ROM:0001j
ROM:0008                 ld      bc, 0FF6Fh
ROM:000B                 ld      a, 80h ; ''
ROM:000D                 out     (c), a
ROM:000F                 xor     a
ROM:0010                 ld      de, 0FFFFh
ROM:0013                 ld      bc, 692Bh
ROM:0016                 jr      loc_3
ROM:0016 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:0018                 db    0
ROM:0019 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:0019 loc_19:                                 ; CODE XREF: ROM:006Dj
ROM:0019                 out     (77h), a
ROM:001B                 ret
ROM:001B ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:001C                 db    0
ROM:001D                 db    0
ROM:001E                 db    0
ROM:001F                 db    0
ROM:0020                 db    0
ROM:0021                 db    0
ROM:0022                 db    0
ROM:0023                 db    0
ROM:0024                 db    0
ROM:0025                 db    0
ROM:0026                 db    0
ROM:0027                 db    0
ROM:0028                 db    0
ROM:0029                 db    0
ROM:002A                 db    0
ROM:002B                 db    0
ROM:002C                 db    0
ROM:002D                 db    0
ROM:002E                 db    0
ROM:002F                 db    0
ROM:0030                 db    0
ROM:0031                 db    0
ROM:0032                 db    0
ROM:0033                 db    0
ROM:0034                 db    0
ROM:0035                 db    0
ROM:0036                 db    0
ROM:0037                 db    0
ROM:0039                 db    0
ROM:003A                 db    0
ROM:003B                 db    0
ROM:003C                 db    0
ROM:003D                 db    0
ROM:003E                 db    0
ROM:003F                 db    0
ROM:0040                 db    0
ROM:0041                 db    0
ROM:0042                 db    0
ROM:0043                 db    0
ROM:0044                 db    0
ROM:0045                 db    0
ROM:0046                 db    0
ROM:0047                 db    0
ROM:0048                 db    0
ROM:0049                 db    0
ROM:004A                 db    0
ROM:004B ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:004B loc_4B:                                 ; CODE XREF: ROM:0066j
ROM:004B                 jr      loc_6F
ROM:004B ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:004D                 db    0
ROM:004E ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:004E loc_4E:                                 ; CODE XREF: ROM:00FBj
ROM:004E                 out     (77h), a
ROM:0050 loc_50:                                 ; CODE XREF: ROM:00FFj
ROM:0050                 out     (77h), a
ROM:0052                 nop
ROM:0053                 nop
ROM:0054                 nop
ROM:0055                 nop
ROM:0056                 nop
ROM:0057                 nop
ROM:0058                 nop
ROM:0059                 nop
ROM:005A                 nop
ROM:005B                 nop
ROM:005C                 nop
ROM:005D                 nop
ROM:005E                 nop
ROM:005F                 nop
ROM:0060                 nop
ROM:0061                 nop
ROM:0062                 nop
ROM:0063                 nop
ROM:0064                 nop
ROM:0065                 nop
ROM:0066                 jr      loc_4B
ROM:0068 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:0068                 push    hl
ROM:0069                 ld      hl, 5B00h
ROM:006C                 ex      (sp), hl
ROM:006D                 jr      loc_19
ROM:006F ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:006F loc_6F:                                 ; CODE XREF: ROM:loc_4Bj
ROM:006F                 push    af
ROM:0070                 ld      a, r
ROM:0072                 push    af
ROM:0073                 ld      (word_20FF), sp
ROM:0077                 ld      sp, 20FFh
ROM:007A                 ld      a, i
ROM:007C                 push    af
ROM:007D                 push    hl
ROM:007E                 push    bc
ROM:007F                 push    de
ROM:0080                 ex      af, af'
ROM:0081                 exx
ROM:0082                 push    af
ROM:0083                 push    hl
ROM:0084                 push    bc
ROM:0085                 push    de
ROM:0086                 push    ix
ROM:0088                 push    iy
ROM:008A                 di
ROM:008B                 ld      bc, 0FF6Fh
ROM:008E                 ld      a, 80h ; ''
ROM:0090                 out     (c), a
ROM:0092 loc_92:                                 ; CODE XREF: ROM:009Bj
ROM:0092                 call    sub_168
ROM:0095                 jr      nc, loc_CF
ROM:0097                 in      a, (c)
ROM:0099                 bit     7, a
ROM:009B                 jr      nz, loc_92
ROM:009D                 ld      a, 0
ROM:009F                 out     (c), a
ROM:00A1 loc_A1:                                 ; CODE XREF: ROM:00AAj
ROM:00A1                 call    sub_168
ROM:00A4                 jr      nc, loc_CF
ROM:00A6                 in      a, (c)
ROM:00A8                 bit     7, a
ROM:00AA                 jr      z, loc_A1
ROM:00AC                 ld      a, 80h ; ''
ROM:00AE                 out     (c), a
ROM:00B0                 ld      hl, 4000h
ROM:00B3                 call    sub_1E0
ROM:00B6                 cp      7
ROM:00B8                 jp      z, loc_102
ROM:00BB                 cp      2
ROM:00BD                 jp      z, loc_12C
ROM:00C0                 cp      8
ROM:00C2                 jp      z, loc_135
ROM:00C5                 cp      5
ROM:00C7                 jp      z, loc_14A
ROM:00CA                 cp      0Bh
ROM:00CC                 jp      z, loc_153
ROM:00CF loc_CF:                                 ; CODE XREF: ROM:0095j
ROM:00CF                                         ; ROM:00A4j ...
ROM:00CF                 di
ROM:00D0                 ld      bc, 0FF6Fh
ROM:00D3                 ld      a, 80h ; ''
ROM:00D5                 out     (c), a
ROM:00D7                 ld      sp, 20EBh
ROM:00DA                 pop     iy
ROM:00DC                 pop     ix
ROM:00DE                 pop     de
ROM:00DF                 pop     bc
ROM:00E0                 pop     hl
ROM:00E1                 pop     af
ROM:00E2                 exx
ROM:00E3                 ex      af, af'
ROM:00E4                 pop     de
ROM:00E5                 pop     bc
ROM:00E6                 pop     hl
ROM:00E7                 pop     af
ROM:00E8                 ld      i, a
ROM:00EA                 cp      3Fh ; '?'
ROM:00EC                 jr      z, loc_F4
ROM:00EE                 cp      0
ROM:00F0                 jr      z, loc_F4
ROM:00F2                 im      2
ROM:00F4 loc_F4:                                 ; CODE XREF: ROM:00ECj
ROM:00F4                                         ; ROM:00F0j
ROM:00F4                 ld      sp, (word_20FF)
ROM:00F8                 pop     af
ROM:00F9                 ld      r, a
ROM:00FB                 jp      pe, loc_4E
ROM:00FE                 pop     af
ROM:00FF                 jp      loc_50
ROM:0102 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:0102 loc_102:                                ; CODE XREF: ROM:00B8j
ROM:0102                 ld      hl, 11Bh
ROM:0105                 ld      de, 0C000h
ROM:0108                 ld      bc, 10h
ROM:010B                 ldir
ROM:010D                 call    0C000h
ROM:0110                 ld      hl, 8000h
ROM:0113                 ld      de, 4000h
ROM:0116                 call    sub_184
ROM:0119                 jr      loc_CF
ROM:011B ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:011B                 out     (77h), a
ROM:011D                 ld      hl, 0
ROM:0120                 ld      de, 8000h
ROM:0123                 ld      bc, 4000h
ROM:0126                 ldir
ROM:0128                 in      a, (77h)
ROM:012A                 ret
ROM:012A ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:012B                 db    0
ROM:012C ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:012C loc_12C:                                ; CODE XREF: ROM:00BDj
ROM:012C                 ld      de, 1B00h
ROM:012F                 call    sub_184
ROM:0132                 jp      loc_CF
ROM:0135 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:0135 loc_135:                                ; CODE XREF: ROM:00C2j
ROM:0135                 ld      hl, 20EBh
ROM:0138                 ld      de, 16h
ROM:013B                 call    sub_184
ROM:013E                 ld      hl, 4000h
ROM:0141                 ld      de, 0C000h
ROM:0144                 call    sub_184
ROM:0147                 jp      loc_CF
ROM:014A ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:014A loc_14A:                                ; CODE XREF: ROM:00C7j
ROM:014A                 ld      de, 1B00h
ROM:014D                 call    sub_179
ROM:0150                 jp      loc_CF
ROM:0153 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:0153 loc_153:                                ; CODE XREF: ROM:00CCj
ROM:0153                 ld      hl, 20EBh
ROM:0156                 ld      de, 16h
ROM:0159                 call    sub_179
ROM:015C                 ld      hl, 4000h
ROM:015F                 ld      de, 0C000h
ROM:0162                 call    sub_179
ROM:0165                 jp      loc_CF
ROM:0168 ;  S U B R O U T I N E 
ROM:0168 sub_168:                                ; CODE XREF: ROM:loc_92p
ROM:0168                                         ; ROM:loc_A1p
ROM:0168                 dec     e
ROM:0169                 jr      nz, loc_173
ROM:016B                 ld      e, 38h ; '8'
ROM:016D                 dec     d
ROM:016E                 ld      a, d
ROM:016F                 and     3
ROM:0171                 out     (0FEh), a
ROM:0173 loc_173:                                ; CODE XREF: sub_168+1j
ROM:0173                 ld      a, 7Fh ; ''
ROM:0175                 in      a, (0FEh)
ROM:0177                 rrca
ROM:0178                 ret
ROM:0178 ; End of function sub_168
ROM:0179 ;  S U B R O U T I N E 
ROM:0179 sub_179:                                ; CODE XREF: ROM:014Dp
ROM:0179                                         ; ROM:0159p ...
ROM:0179                 call    sub_1E0
ROM:017C                 ld      (hl), a
ROM:017D                 inc     hl
ROM:017E                 dec     de
ROM:017F                 ld      a, d
ROM:0180                 or      e
ROM:0181                 jr      nz, sub_179
ROM:0183                 ret
ROM:0183 ; End of function sub_179
ROM:0184 ;  S U B R O U T I N E 
ROM:0184 sub_184:                                ; CODE XREF: ROM:0116p
ROM:0184                                         ; ROM:012Fp ...
ROM:0184                 ld      a, (hl)
ROM:0185                 call    sub_199
ROM:0188                 ld      a, (hl)
ROM:0189                 and     7
ROM:018B                 out     (0FEh), a
ROM:018D                 ld      a, 7Fh ; ''
ROM:018F loc_18F:                                ; CODE XREF: sub_184+Cj
ROM:018F                 dec     a
ROM:0190                 jr      nz, loc_18F
ROM:0192                 inc     hl
ROM:0193                 dec     de
ROM:0194                 ld      a, d
ROM:0195                 or      e
ROM:0196                 jr      nz, sub_184
ROM:0198                 ret
ROM:0198 ; End of function sub_184
ROM:0199 ;  S U B R O U T I N E 
ROM:0199 sub_199:                                ; CODE XREF: sub_184+1p
ROM:0199                 push    bc
ROM:019A                 push    de
ROM:019B                 push    hl
ROM:019C                 ld      l, a
ROM:019D                 ld      bc, 0FF6Fh
ROM:01A0                 ld      a, 0
ROM:01A2                 out     (c), a
ROM:01A4                 ld      e, 3
ROM:01A6 loc_1A6:                                ; CODE XREF: sub_199+Ej
ROM:01A6                 dec     e
ROM:01A7                 jr      nz, loc_1A6
ROM:01A9                 nop
ROM:01AA                 nop
ROM:01AB                 nop
ROM:01AC                 nop
ROM:01AD                 ld      a, l
ROM:01AE                 ld      d, 8
ROM:01B0 loc_1B0:                                ; CODE XREF: sub_199+32j
ROM:01B0                 rra
ROM:01B1                 ld      l, a
ROM:01B2                 jp      nc, loc_1BB
ROM:01B5                 ld      a, 80h ; ''
ROM:01B7                 out     (c), a
ROM:01B9                 jr      loc_1C1
ROM:01BB ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:01BB loc_1BB:                                ; CODE XREF: sub_199+19j
ROM:01BB                 ld      a, 0
ROM:01BD                 out     (c), a
ROM:01BF                 jr      loc_1C1
ROM:01C1 loc_1C1:                                ; CODE XREF: sub_199+20j
ROM:01C1                 ld      e, 2
ROM:01C3 loc_1C3:                                ; CODE XREF: sub_199+2Bj
ROM:01C3                 dec     e
ROM:01C4                 jr      nz, loc_1C3
ROM:01C6                 nop
ROM:01C7                 add     a, 0
ROM:01C9                 ld      a, l
ROM:01CA                 dec     d
ROM:01CB                 jr      nz, loc_1B0
ROM:01CD                 nop
ROM:01CE                 nop
ROM:01CF                 add     a, 0
ROM:01D1                 nop
ROM:01D2                 nop
ROM:01D3                 ld      a, 80h ; ''
ROM:01D5                 out     (c), a
ROM:01D7                 ld      e, 6
ROM:01D9 loc_1D9:                                ; CODE XREF: sub_199+41j
ROM:01D9                 dec     e
ROM:01DA                 jr      nz, loc_1D9
ROM:01DC                 pop     hl
ROM:01DD                 pop     de
ROM:01DE                 pop     bc
ROM:01DF                 ret
ROM:01DF ; End of function sub_199
ROM:01E0 ;  S U B R O U T I N E 
ROM:01E0 sub_1E0:                                ; CODE XREF: ROM:00B3p
ROM:01E0                                         ; sub_179p
ROM:01E0                 push    bc
ROM:01E1                 push    de
ROM:01E2                 push    hl
ROM:01E3                 ld      bc, 0FF6Fh
ROM:01E6 loc_1E6:                                ; CODE XREF: sub_1E0+9j
ROM:01E6                 in      a, (c)
ROM:01E8                 rla
ROM:01E9                 jr      c, loc_1E6
ROM:01EB                 ld      e, 8
ROM:01ED loc_1ED:                                ; CODE XREF: sub_1E0+Ej
ROM:01ED                 dec     e
ROM:01EE                 jr      nz, loc_1ED
ROM:01F0                 nop
ROM:01F1                 nop
ROM:01F2                 ld      d, 8
ROM:01F4 loc_1F4:                                ; CODE XREF: sub_1E0+24j
ROM:01F4                 in      a, (c)
ROM:01F6                 rla
ROM:01F7                 rr      l
ROM:01F9                 ld      e, 3
ROM:01FB loc_1FB:                                ; CODE XREF: sub_1E0+1Cj
ROM:01FB                 dec     e
ROM:01FC                 jr      nz, loc_1FB
ROM:01FE                 nop
ROM:01FF                 nop
ROM:0200                 dec     d
ROM:0201                 ld      a, d
ROM:0202                 out     (0FEh), a
ROM:0204                 jr      nz, loc_1F4
ROM:0206                 ld      e, 4
ROM:0208 loc_208:                                ; CODE XREF: sub_1E0+29j
ROM:0208                 dec     e
ROM:0209                 jr      nz, loc_208
ROM:020B                 ld      a, l
ROM:020C                 pop     hl
ROM:020D                 pop     de
ROM:020E                 pop     bc
ROM:020F                 ret
ROM:020F ; End of function sub_1E0
ROM:020F ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
ROM:1FFF ; end of 'ROM'
RAM:2000 ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
RAM:2000 ; Segment type: Regular
RAM:2000                 segment RAM
RAM:2000                 org 2000h
RAM:2000                 ds 1
RAM:3FFF ; end of 'RAM'
RAM:3FFF                 end